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We are a leading Aviation School Part 61, Approved by the TSA (Transportation Security Administration) of the US Department of Homeland Security. Our commitment to realize the dream of flying professionally goes further, so we are dedicated to the training and specialized development of people looking for  become professional pilots. We offer personalized advice according to the specific needs of each student, so with AEROSERVICE family you will feel at home. In addition, the student will have an F1 visa that will provide greater benefits such while studying.


Highest standards of quality in education and counseling characterize us, and we are the only school that, in addition to its Commercial Pilot licenses, offers an intensive English program for credits at Florida National University (FNU) and an Aviation Administration Associate in the Miami Dade College MDC, two important educational institutions of Florida;


This methodology allows the student to excel in the professional field according to the knowledge and experience that day by day requires the international aeronautical industry for its pilots.


"In AEROSERVICE we train the best professionals in aviation"



— We are committed to the integral training of aviation professionals, offering programs and services with the highest quality in addition to the work of instructors focused on continuous accompaniment, which allows the student to acquire fundamental knowledge about the aeronautical industry and put them into practice with The best technology, guaranteeing its integral formation and a highly professional development.

We offer a personalized service in advising parents and young people who seek to achieve the dream of flying professionally.




— To be the best international school in advising and training excellent aviation professionals.


International STUDENTS

In our case the students that  we advise all are international.

—Some do not have the sufficient level of English to start studying aviation. for these reason  we do  refer the student to a university where can take English classes  if he wants to do that process. this program will take longer to finish his career FAA commercial pilot but we must be honest and explain that if the level of English is not good it is not  worth spending money.

When the student has a good level of English we do is with their parents analyze what is the school that fits their economic budget  and Offer an excellent training