Private Pilot


A Private Pilot License is probably the all around best personal aviation certification for those who are truly serious about their flying and who need to fly longer distances and carry more passengers.A person who holds a Private Pilot License may do almost anything and everything that a Commercial Pilot may do – except flying for hire. A Private Pilot (with the proper ratings and endorsements) may fly higher performance airplanes – including multi engine airplanes and jets, fly cross-country flights – even to other countries. Private Pilots can carry multiple passengers, fly at night and – properly rated with an FAA Instrument Rating – fly in less-than-ideal weather conditions.

——Title obtained: FAA PRIVATE PILOT

Course Syllabus

—30 Hours Dual Flight

—10 Hours Solo flight

—35 Hours Ground School

—1 Exam Written FAA

—1 Exam Oral FAA

—1 hour Checkride

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