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— For us it is important the well-being of our students, for this reason we make sure to offer them the best options in lodging, food and transport. We take care of our students from their arrival and during their stay to make them feel like family, the family AEROSERVICE.



We know difficulties when arrive to a new country, with a different culture and different language, that is why in AEROSERVICE we provide to student once arrival to the United States a complete package of accompaniment that includes:

  • Pick up at the airport
  • Free lodging for the first few days
  • Help finding house or room
  • Advice to open your bank account
  • Accompaniment to purchase your first market
  • And all the support of our family AEROSERVICE

  • For groups, we rent big houses with good spaces, safe and comfortable, and if you prefer to contemplate a different option of lodging we can help in the search of one.
  • The houses have all the comforts and services: television, water, electricity, telephone and internet; To make your stay there very calm and pleasant.


  • Groups will have an excellent option in food (meals), as our allied restaurant has two international chefs, who are responsible for preparing dishes not only delicious but healthy.



  • About transporting the students will have vehicles that offer confort and security.
  • When the students arrive to the country each group will be expected at the airport to be take them to place of residence.
  • Depends on your choice, we can offer you both transportation means. A scooter can be purchased for $ 700 + $ 100 plate or a car can be purchased between $ 2000 and $ 5000
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